Non Destructive Testing

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

Revolver videoscope system

  • INVIZ® Revolver 80
  • INVIZ ® Revolver 12.7mm

Advanced Videoscope system



Ballistic Boroscope

Ballistic Boroscope

Scholly Rigid Boroscope of dia 4 mm & length of 650 mm with high bright LED light source is used for inspecting all calibers from 5.5 to 12 Bore. & Rigid Boroscope of dia 5.5 mm
with LED light source is used for inspecting calibers or 32 bore

eddyMax - Control ®

eddyMax - Control ®

Eddy Current Inservice Tube Inspection System

eddyMax 4U II ®

eddyMax 4U II ®

Digital 4-Frequency Universal Eddy Current Testing Instrument

EZYSCOPE Videoscope Family

The reliable videoscope solutions of the EZYSCOPE family ensure visual inspections without time-consuming and cost intensive disruptions of your production process.

Increasing challenges in the production of complex components or permanent control in serial 1production require modern and reliable systems for visual inspections. The videoscope solutions of SCHÖLLY, EZYSCOPE set and EZYSCOPE mobile, ensure visual inspections without time-consuming and cost-intensive disruptions of your production process. The latest CMOS Chip-in-Tip video technology guarantees high-quality pictures without pixel grid.

Powerful LED illumination with optimal energy efficiency leads to low power consumption. With the EZYSCOPE Family manufacturing errors can be identified at an early stage. Due to its compact design the EZYSCOPE set can easily be integrated in the production process. EZYSCOPE mobile is ideal for on-site use.


Inspection System With Full HD Resolution


The new inspection system, consisting of the camera base unit FlexiVision 100 and connecting devices, provides high-resolution full HD images of a visual inspection. Useful software functions support to analyze defects more exactly than with conventional endoscope cameras.

With two connecting devices, you can continue using the test equipment you may already have. All FlexiScope 2 and 3 probes can be used with the connecting device FlexiScope 3. The HD camera head is the connecting device for all endoscopes and fiberscopes with DIN ocular. 

The FlexiVision 100 offers high-resolution images, rich in contrast and with a high degree of detail. New for the user are integrated video algorithms that additionally highlight deviations inside components, thus shortening the inspection time and lowering costs.