Phoenix Solutions Company

Phoenix Solutions Company

Phoenix Solutions Co is a leading supplier and innovator in the field of Plasma Heating Systems. Built on their experience and technical expertise,they provide Plasma Arc Torches that produce ultra-intense heat for the most efficient and precise Plasma Heating available. Their Plasma Heating Systems operate worldwide in a diverse array of R&D, commercial, and industrial. Their Plasma Heating Systems offer robust, reliable performance in the most demanding applications including waste management, waste to energy application Also. Cored brick heaters and high temperature valves for Aerospace applications like Wind Tunnels. For more information on what solutions Phoenix can offer you, please contact us.

Thermal Storage Heaters  for Wind Tunnel & Aero- Propulsion Testing

Thermal Storage Heaters for Wind Tunnel & Aero- Propulsion Testing

Phoenix Solutions Co has over 50 years of experience in designing, building, installing and operating high-temperature, high-pressure storage heaters for wind tunnel and aero-propulsion test applications.

Phoenix Solutions Co has supplied both pebble-bed as well as cored-brick beds, with nearly all heater systems supplied with a gas-fired reheat mode.

We have experience over a wide range of exit temperatures (from 640 K up to 2500 K), operating pressures (from 1 up to 260 atmospheres) and mass flowrates (from 1 Ibm/see up to 600 Ibm/see (installed) and 1500 Ibm/see (designed)).