Diagnosys provides complete solutions for the support and maintenance of high value electronic Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) and modules. Whether testing, repairing, solving obsolescence issues or remanufacturing obsolete circuits, a complete maintenance capability is available to help you keep your electronic circuits working with extended life. Any environment with electronic systems operating over an extended period will encounter the common issues of: • Obsolescence of components • Skills fade of the support team, whether in-house or third party • Diluted or no information as organisations change or are acquired • Reliance on a third party repair service often with: • Lengthy repair times and high costs • No Fault Found (NFF) returns • Beyond Economic Repair (BER) returns. Diagnosys' solutions are typically used in organisations supporting Defence, Railways/Metros, Process industrial sectors, medical sectors and other industrial sectors, or anyone requiring electronic circuit board (PCB) testing, program development, support and maintenance of their complex electronic systems.Complete turnkey solutions in electronic testing can be provided.

MS Instruments

A leading innovator in the design and manufacture of ballistic measurement instrumentation and Live-Fire training equipment for ground and air training. Working with the expertise of Wiltshire Ballistic Services (WBS), MS Instruments provides proven, rugged and well-built products for internal, external & terminal Ballistics. Their products are used by a number of manufacturing companies, governments and Armed Forces worldwide for weapons and ammunition proofing, Ballistic Armour Testing, and once combined with our leading edge software, this instrumentation delivers flexible and individually tailored solutions. Their equipment is in constant use for trials at WBS, we are able to continuously test and develop our products and as a result are designed and tested to the highest accuracy. With many installations in India as forensic laboratories, testing ranges, Ordinance factories, Defence research, MS instruments is a trusted name in India in the field of weapons and ammunition testing. For more details on the solutions MSI can provide you, please contact us.


NCBJ is Government of Poland Institute , Division of Nuclear Equipment , Hitec manufactures Lillyput Industrial Linear Accelerators of Energy levels 1.5- 4 MeV, 6 MeV, 7/9 MeV and higher. For Industrial Radiography. For more information, please contact us.

Phoenix Solutions Company

Phoenix Solutions Co is a leading supplier and innovator in the field of Plasma Heating Systems. Built on their experience and technical expertise,they provide Plasma Arc Torches that produce ultra-intense heat for the most efficient and precise Plasma Heating available. Their Plasma Heating Systems operate worldwide in a diverse array of R&D, commercial, and industrial. Their Plasma Heating Systems offer robust, reliable performance in the most demanding applications including waste management, waste to energy application Also. Cored brick heaters and high temperature valves for Aerospace applications like Wind Tunnels. For more information on what solutions Phoenix can offer you, please contact us.


SCHÖLLY stands for the expertise to make concealed structures visible and accessible for non-distructive inspection using microoptics, fiberoptics, mechanics, software and electronics. All components dedicated to that purpose are designed and manufactured by Scholly – from their classic endoscopes to highly complex visualization systems. From endoscopes, camera systems, and light modules to complex visualization systems, they offer customers a wide range of products and services as their partner for optoelectronic visualization. With installations all over India across all sectors, Scholly is at the forefront of technological development for NDT. After sales service is also available at a full fledged repair centre in India. For more details on Scholly products, please contact us

viZaar industrial imaging AG

viZaar Industrial Imaging provides the ultimate in German engineering for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) applications. Since 1997 viZaar has delivered unique and genuinely innovative products and inspection solutions to industry. viZaar is a specialist in development and manufacturing of videoscopes, which are used for specific applications such as large gun barrel inspection, nuclear power industry and rocket motor & aircraft engine inspection.
viZaar industrial imaging AG

Terra Universal

Terra manufactures comprehensive lines of critical environment solutions, including modular cleanrooms, glove boxes, laminar flow benches and furniture designed to meet customer requirements for a large number of applications as listed in our cleanroom product page. Terra creates solutions for application-specific manufacturing challenges, quickly and economically. Their engineering department works with you to design turnkey solutions. Systems are configured, assembled and tested before shipment. For many Terra systems, custom software configurations are available to meet user requirements for temperature, humidity, and decontamination cycles. Maintaining field technical support at locations throughout the U.S. and the world. For more information on how Terra products can meet your cleanroom needs, please contact us.

Seven Technologies

A UK based company, Seven Technologies is a leading manufacturer for covert security equipment. Their equipment is used by forces and intelligence agencies worldwide.They are committed to working with their customers to deliver cutting edge Intelligence, Surveillence, and Reconnaissance solutions. Irrespective of how technically adept their solutions maybe, you will always find that they are fit for purpose and intuitive to use. Ideal for combating terrorism, their equipment is useful to all security and police forces. Due to the sensitive nature of their equipment, we cannot feature any products on this site, for more information, please contact us.

Elite engineering

Elite Engineering has over 40 years of dedicated service to the electronic assembly industry. they are innovators in the changes in PCB assembly methods and technologies. Elite is a UK based manufacturing company that embraces technological change in PCB assembly methods and technologies. As this changes continues it presents newer and bolder challenges to us all. They are market leaders in India in flat pack machines and pre- forming machines. Elite Engineering, believe that quality, performance and customers' total satisfaction are their greatest assets. They take great pride in the many, close working relationships we have with our customers... relationships built on total commitment and trust... the kind that can only be obtained through products and services of the highest quality, responsiveness to our customers' latest needs, and a staff of your needs.

Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd

Aeronautical & General Instruments Limited (AGI) is an established British company, which manufactures a wide range of instruments and systems for the defence and civil markets worldwide. Over the years, AGI has built up a reputation for high quality, well engineered products. AGI employs teams of qualified engineers in the key disciplines of electronic, software, electromechanical, mechanical and optical design, and excel at projects which integrate all or some of these practises. AGI exports the majority of its products to customers throughout the world. Often destined for continuous and critical use in harsh environments such as at sea, in the battlefield or at busy airport runways. Reliable operation is essential, so all of our equipment is designed for low maintenance, high reliability and high availability in service, meaning low cost of ownership to the end-user. For AGI’s state of the art barrel care solutions , please contact us.


Airnesco is a group of companies formed in 1947 that specialises in the design and manufacture of a complete range of unique compressed air operated products to cover most, gun barrel, tube and plant cleaning applications. The Bore Cleaning System cleans all types of smooth, rifled, chromed and steel barrels and has been supplied globally. For more information on Airnesci products, please contact us.


Eddy Current Test Equipment - TMT (Eddy Current Test Equipment) The TMT GmbH is Manufacturer of Eddy Current Equipment. The company has technical collaboration with Air Bus Industries. One of the major application includes in-service Tube inspection system for Heat Exchangers and Aircraft components inspection.


Ever since its founding, the dynamic team of ZEVAC have pioneers in their field of technology making it a leading worldwide supplier providing selective soldering and desoldering equipment, automation products and processes to the Electronics Industry in the field of microplacement, bonding and automation. Headquartered at Solothurn in Switzerland, a region famous for developing and manufacturing precision industrial products, ZEVAC recruits a team of highly qualified personnel and source a group of reliable consultants and suppliers to meet the requirements of the ZEVAC superior quality standards