Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

 INVIZ Revolver Videoscope Pipe and gun barrel inspection system

Revolver system is highly advanced Pipe / gun barrel inspection video camera System with endless 360° rotating camera head.

  • INVIZ® Revolver 80
  • INVIZ ® Revolver 12.7mm

Both the Revolver systems have inbuilt viewing monitor and recording systems to capture images and videos to record your inspection work.


INVIZ® Revolver 80 -

INVIZ® REVOLVER 80 has dual camera 
head i.e. forward view (0°) and Side view (90°) with endless 360° rotating camera head
 with high power LED illumination & additional 10x optical zoom. The front view camera (0°) provides excellent orientation for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI). This Panoramic scan (endless 360° rotation) with the side view camera (90°) is precisely controlled by joystick to scan welds / orbital welds /inner pipe walls / land and grooves of inner wall of barrels. Revolver has perfect failure contrast even reflective surfaces like coated or electro polished.




Perfect orientation -

Display the current camera position for documentation. Always maintain an overview during Inspection. The Auto Levelling function ensures correct positioning of the Inspection Camera INVIZ® REVOLVER 80. Benefit from the Position Save function for easy entries without re-searching significant positions during repetitive Inspection.




INVIZ ® Revolver 12.7mm

The proven 12.7mm INVIZ Revolver is the most efficient and effective tool available for extensive inspections. It has endless 360° rotating interchangeable Camera (90° side view with 360 deg rotation and straight view i.e. 0°) with high power LED illumination. Rotating camera is, fully adjustable and able to rotate through 360 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise, this small motorised camera head offers thorough and effortless continuous inspections. Probe has polyurethane stainless steel retained composite construction, they provide excellent torsion and sliding characteristics.





INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y(X-Way) is the high-end video endoscope from Vizzar Germany with remote focus, high power duel light source, and quick on site interchangeable INVIZ® video probes with X-WAY videoscope articulation and extended inspection software for better inspection results.  The robust and compact Carbon construction and the patented drum storage enable easy handling and a clean working environment.




INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y(X-Way) has wide range of INVIZ® interchangeable video probes from 6.4 mm to 12.7 mm diameter and working lengths from 5 m to 30 m.




INVIZ® VUMAN® uses Vizaar’s patented RF (Remote focus) focus technology. i.e. it focus automatic as the probe move forward or backward. It eliminates the use of changing different forward viewing tip adaptor for different depth of focus as required in conventional fixed focus video borescope  hence it saves your cost, increase probe life and reduce its wear and tear




The Portable Videoscope system - 


The robust portable videoscope with touch screen and modern GUI  with up to 130° articulating video probe and high power LED illumination for industrial Remote Visual Inspection (RVI).

The VUCAM® videoscope  provides a precise touch screen and a modern graphic user interface with back buffer recording, you won't miss any important inspection detail. When passing the important spot, you don't need to re-enter the application and search. VUCAM® Videoscope is recording the last 15 seconds of Inspection work by activating and stopping the recording. Save time on your videoscopy. The smart data management and the robust video probe of the videoscope VUCAM® are enabling easy Visual Testing (VT).




VUCAM® is available in two models  - 

The videoscope VUCAM® XO - The robust 6 mm videoscope with articulation up to 130° and the range of working lengths from 2.2 mmtrs to 6.6 mtrs. 

The videoscope VUCAM® AM – The robust 4 mm videpscope with an up to 4 x 160° articulating video probe and high power LED illumination finds its use in the automotive industry.