Inspection System With Full HD Resolution


With a new dimension in image quality, the FlexiVision 100 significantly increases the performance of quality assurance. Why is FlexiVision 100 so unique?

  • Clear and quick analysis of defects by means of brilliant full HD images (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Video algorithms highlight deviations and help in decision-making 


  • Use of common probes, endoscopes and fiberscopes possible
  • Existing endoscopes used so far lead to new, better inspection quality when combined with the FlexiVision 100*
  • Inspection images can easily be stored on a USB flash drive at the click of a button and can be used as needed, in-house and externally, in the quality management system

Connecting device FLEXISCOPE 3 camera Handpiece 

For use of proven FlexiScope probes


The FlexiVision 100 is combinable with the new FlexiScope 3 camera handpiece. Together they represent the follow-up system of the FlexiScope 2. The further developed FlexiScope 3 camera handpiece offers our familiar advantages: ergonomic design, integrated lighting, simple change of probes and easy operation with clearly improved resolution and optimized LED illumination. The camera handpiece is compatible with all FlexiScope 2 and 3 probes.



Connecting device HD camera head


For all endoscopes and fiberscopes with DIN oculars

The FlexiVision 100 is combinable with the HD camera head. All endoscopes and fiberscopes with DIN ocular can be attached. Connected to HD-capable endoscopes, the HD camera head creates brilliant inspection results in full HD. For the illumination of the inspection object, an external light source is necessary, which is attached to the endoscope or fiberscope.