EZYSCOPE Videoscope Family



The EZYSCOPE MOBILE is a modern video endoscopy system especially designed for mobile use. Due to its compact and lightweight design it is easy and straightforward transportable and therefore usable in almost every application area. The integrated battery pack allows mains-independent inspections up to 3 hours. A clear and intuitive menu navigation guarantees quick and easy on-site inspections. The additional audio function enables to record comments parallel to video recording what offers a perfect documentation of your inspection results. 



■ Mains independent operation up to 3 hours

■ Comment function directly together with video recording due to additional audio functionality

■ Easy transmission of image and video fi les from the unit to the computer via SD memory card

■ Convenient to use due to ergonomic design

■ Easy and intuitive menu navigation

■ Full screen wide angle images due to camera chip located in the distal tip of the probe

■ Integrated high-power LED illumination

■ Small and sturdy 2 m probe in 4.1 mm Ø and 2-way deflection

■ EZYSCOPE MOBILE and EZYSCOPE probes are fully compatible



For stationary operation modern videoscopy as stationary or mobile solution


An increasing complexity during the manufacture of sophisticated components and products as well as increasing demands on quality, require new examination systems for visual inspection and documentation. The miniaturization of camera technology allows it today to design flexible endoscopes as SCHÖLLY EZYSCOPE with small probe diameters. In this system, the camera technology is built right into the tip of the endoscope. Thus, frame-filling images in excellent quality are displayed on the monitor what offers convenient viewing possibilities. Compared to previous fiberscopes and borescopes with image bundles pixilated images are a thing of the past. This is an important advantage for inspections of critical parts such as cylinder heads, gearboxes or heat exchanging tubes.


■ Wide angle full screen video due to a camera chip located in the distal tip

■ High-power LED illumination

■ Small and sturdy probe with 2-way deflection

■ Reliable optics and mechanics „Made in Germany“

■ Modern inspection system with excellent functionality and ergonomics