Range Handheld Controller

Range Handheld Controller

Product Features

• Mobile handheld control system for range devices
• Pre-configuration of firing sessions and shooting scenarios
• Range layouts can be preconfigured and loaded on request
• Graphical and table based range status display
• Rugged and weather resistant design
• LCD touchscreen


• Target systems can be operated by the Range Handheld Controller which enables communication and immediate performance feedback over long distances, depending on customer’s radio frequency and geographic conditions.

• The mobile controller is a compact handheld target control system specifically designed for military use.


• The portable range control device is a battery powered and radio controlled terminal to remotely operate and manage infantry target mechanisms, tank target mechanisms, moving and stationary target systems, enemy fire simulators and automatic scoring systems.

• The controller handles the operation of target appliances individually or in groups, and can be programmed to run diversified scenarios.

Status Reporting

• The RCU schematically displays all activated targetry products assigned, reports the number of hits for each appliance, the location of misses and hits for LOMAH devices, the position of both stationary and moving targets, and the status and errors for each appliance.

Rugged and weather resistant design

• Ruggedized RCUs are designed and built to withstand environmental and physical stresses encountered in the conduct of training including temperature extremes, drops to hard surfaces, and exposure to water and dust.