Range Control Tablet

Tablet Tablet Tablet

The mobile Range Control Tablet is a compact handheld target control system. The tablet PC specifically designed for military use operates the Range Control Software. The portable hand held range control device is a battery powered and radio controlled terminal to remotely operate and manage infantry target mechanisms, armor target mechanisms, moving and stationary target systems, enemy fire simulators and automatic scoring systems 

This ruggedized system is designed and built to withstand environmental and physical stresses encountered in the conduct of training including temperature extremes, drops to hard surfaces, and exposure to water and dust.

Delivery includes field carrying case, charger & Radio Com pack. Dual hot swappable batteries are providing up to 6 hours battery life.

The Tablet schematically displays all activated targetry products assigned, reports the number of hits for each appliance on standard silhouettes as well as friend and foe targets, the position of both stationary and moving targets, and the operational status, battery charging status and errors for each appliance.

The TACF (Training Area Control Facility) Range Control Software enables to individually control targetry devices.

Typically the TACF can be programmed to control Pop-Up Target Systems, Moving Target Systems, Conventional Hit Sensors, Non-Contact Hit Sensors (LOMAH), Enemy Fire Simulators (EFS), Visual Hit Simulators (VHI), Thermal Image Targets and most other equipment that can be delivered for a live fire training range.

Its user-friendly and intuitive handling makes it easy to use and fast to learn. The software is a collection of programs and tools that work together to complete the tasks that are necessary to control one range or several ranges each having its own configuration, layout and training requirements. The TACF has an open type architecture, which enables it to be adapted as the individual situation requires.

It has several editors to adapt the program to customer‘s requirements. A range editor enables the user to create his own range layouts or edit an existing one.


Range Control Tablet

The range layout and the configuration of a range can easily be changed. A training session data can be recorded by an integrated software recorder. The playing, pausing, cancelling and rewinding of scenarios are possible. All shooting results are stored in a database for a later evaluation (After Action Review) or printout (table, text, graphic).

  • Designed for mobile use
  • Very rugged (6 foot drop rating, MIL-STD-810G testing standard)
  • Fully sealed to handle all outdoor situations (IP65)
  • Ergonomically optimized
  • Power-efficient (dual hot-swappable batteries)
  • Sunlight-viewable 10.4" dual-touch display
  • Magnesium alloy chassis encased with polycarbonate
  • Integrated handle and ergonomic rubber hand strap