Pop-up Target Mechanism

This multi-purpose target lifter has been designed to enable mobile use on firing ranges of all kinds and is used to simulate the appearing and disappearing of personnel targets

Main features of the Heavy Duty Pop-Up Target:

  • Battery/mains operated
  • Radio controlled
  • Electro drive.
  • Stackable carrying frame
  • 4 man portable

The target can be set up to 'present' itself to the trainee in pop-up mode, turning mode or swivel mode. The Hit Indication can be configured in two ways.

The target can be set to turn away or drop after a selected number of hits or the target can be made to drop or turn way and raise/be presented again automatically after a selected delay.

All hits are reported back to the controller. The reliability of hit recording is better than 98%. The targets can be illuminated from the front or the back.

The following accessories can be used in conjunction with, or incorporated as features of, the target:

  • Enemy fire simulator
  • Target illumination for night firing
  • Non - contact hit sensor system
  • LOMAH (location of miss and hit)/Automatic Marking System
  • Adapter kit for land line control and main power supply
  • Adapter kit for different target presentation modes
  • Enemy fire simulator