Location of Miss and Hit(LOMAH)

Location of Miss and Hit(LOMAH)

The LOMAH System is a training and zeroing system for precision live-fire ranges. It provides immediate performance feedback for supersonic ammunition and specifies shot-positions with exceptional accuracy.

LOMAH systems can be installed on existing targetry and allow interaction with a target mechanism.

It provides trainees and experienced shooters alike with a cost-effective and accurate training system. The calculated position of the shot is transmitted (hardwired or radio) to our range control unit (desktops, and handheld controllers).

Due to automatic scoring the system omits the need for repeated access to the target area for the retrieval of information. Data loss caused by the failure to measure all shots because of identically placed rounds, particularly in the case of automatic fire, is eliminated.

LOMAHs are controlled by our Range Control System (TACF). Either simultaneously or independently of the TACF a fully computerized shooter monitor allows operation and hit evaluation right at the firing line. Shots fired at the target system are graphically displayed on both systems. During firing, the screen displays shots as they are received, scores them and re-calculates the mean point of impact and the extreme spread.