Lane Discriminator

Lane Discriminator Lane Discriminator Lane Discriminator

MSI precision shooting systems can be supplied with our Lane Discriminator to allow objective and faultless scoring.

The Lane Discriminator is an add-on to the live fire training equipment. It has been developed to guarantee unimpeachable hit counting and to eliminate incorrect scoring on multi lane ranges.

Lane Discriminators are installed at each firing position. With two high performing acoustic sensors, the muzzle bang of a weapon fired is registered. This acoustic signal is recorded by both sensors, then evaluated and finally transmitted with an event specific time stamp to the Range Control Software.

A predefined but adjustable distance between the muzzle and the Lane Discriminator ensures that only shots fired from this specific shooting position are counted valid and that there is no shot registration of shots fired on neighbouring lanes.

The next recorded and time stamped event is the impact of a projectile on our Chamber Target or the electronically registered hit or miss on our non-contact Automatic Marking System or Location of Miss and HIT “LOMAH” system.

If both events were registered on the same firing lane with a corresponding pair of time stamps, the shot will be recognized as valid.

A hit recorded on a lane where no shot was fired at the shooting position will be displayed and marked as invalid.