Firing Point Monitor  Type 523

Firing Point Monitor Type 523

The Firing Point Monitor (FPM) Type 523 is a rugged, portable, menu-driven display and control unit. The unit is usually placed at the Firing Point and is used to display the shot position of a projectile fired over an automatic target. This monitor allows the firer to analyse their shots and to correct any misses or mistakes, the overall outcome being an improved performance. The automatic target normally used in the Automatic Marking System (AMS) is the Delta Acoustic Target (DAT) (for further information on the AMS, see separate leaflet).

Shots detected by the DAT are graphically displayed with respect to a representative target outline on the FPM. During firing, the FPM screen displays shots as they are received, scores them and re-calculates the Mean Point of Impact and the Extreme Spread. The Mean Point of Impact is indicated on the display by a +. The Sight Adjustment required to position the Mean Point of Impact on the Correct Zeroing Position is also displayed on the screen.

All shots received are also shown on the Mobile Range Control Computer The firer is able to replay the shot sequence and remove unrepresentative shots from the display and calculations prior to commanding a printout. On power-up, the FPM performs a self-test, allows a target outline to be selected and allows the target to be raised and lowered depending on settings in the Mobile Range Control Computer (MRCC). The MRCC may be configured to disable the FPM display so that the firer cannot see the fall of shot until the practice is complete.