Wave Soldering Machines

Wave Soldering Machines

Over the timespan that Kirsten has been supplying high technology wave soldering machines to the world, some 2,000 machines have been installed and all of them are capable of soldering complex, high technology circuit boards.

The machines have always been designed to offer remarkably low error rates and therefore offer extremely high output qualities and this functionality has found favour in all manufacturing environments around the world.

The company is backed by The Future Finance Corporation who not only supply financial security but also has partners in the group, such as Stoppani AG, Switzerland, who manufacture the machines, so that Kirsten Soldering is able to concentrate on creating innovative and technically advanced systems to keep its customers in the forefront of electronics assembly quality.

Modern demands for continuing development of circuit boards and electronic systems led to the design and development of a truly modular wave soldering system with a wide range of advantages, economically and technically the modula wave®.

It utilizes horizontal conveyors and the proven hollow jet wave that offers very high joint quality and high throughputs.

The modular concept allows units to be added or removed and also for the solder pot with its integral pump to be removed so that different solder technologies can be employed.

The machine uses a novel visko mmi that connects to networked controls so that the process‘s operational status is visible at all times.

Pioneers in Lead-free Soldering

Kirsten recognised this opportunity and took on the challenge at an early stage.

The company now has over one and a half decades of experience in lead- free soldering.

The problems of aggressive capillaries and abrasion of the solder pot construction have been solved by means of a special enameling.

In this respect, the compact construction of the soldering pump has proved to be advantageous.

This is true also of the broad vision and the profound understanding of the system, with which problems can be addressed and solved in the enterprise.

Both have made Kirsten a pioneer and leader in lead-free soldering.