Zevac , Ag

ZEVAC has been founded in 1978 as a joint venture between the US-based Air-Vac Engineering Company, Inc., which is in the selective soldering and desoldering and automation business since 1962, and Rudolf Wanner, the president of ZEVAC. In 1988 the head offices of ZEVAC have been moved from Germany to Solothurn in Switzerland, a region famous for developing and manufacturing precision industrial products.

In this environment ZEVAC could recruit a team of highly qualified personnel and source a group of reliable consultants and suppliers to meet the requirements of the ZEVAC superior quality standards.

Ever since it’s founding, the dynamic teams of this joint venture have pioneered this young technology making ZEVAC a leading worldwide supplier providing selective soldering and desoldering equipment, automation products and processes to the Electronics Industry in the field of micro placement, bonding and automation.

ZEVAC is eager to continuously work out solutions for novel applications in the entire field of micro placement, bonding and automation.

Customers and those intending to be are invited to challenge the ZEVAC capabilities by presenting their respective tasks for a professional evaluation.

If there is a chance for the development of a solid process with expert tooling, ZEVAC is taking the functional risk as its investment into a progressing future.

Once committed, ZEVAC is always concluding its obligations in a fair business manner, especially when problems are popping up.

Fully computerized, though, in its products, for its developments and administration, ZEVAC has a human touch.