Mini Flight Follower Type 632

Mini Flight Follower Type 632

The ORIGINAL Flight Follower System was designed and developed to meet the high speed imaging requirements of modern ammunition designers and other manufacturing facilities. To accompany our latest Automated Flight  Follower, MS Instruments PLC and Hadland Imaging have now developed a compact ‘mini Flight Follower’ to extend our range of unique and specialised imaging solutions.

The mini Flight Follower is a complete Turn Key system that consists of a computer controlled triggered rotating  mirror positioned in front of an integrated High Speed Video camera. The mirror is programmed to rotate at the correct speed such that the camera will “follow” any object as it passes the Flight Follower position. This specialised
imaging system is a complete package that includes a high speed camera, control software, mirror tracking unit, laptop controller, iPad, tripod, trigger unit, assortment of lenses, compact Transit Case, Xcitex (post Analysis  Software) and all the necessary cables to connect, control and operate the system for a multitude of applications, via GigE or wireless.

Typically, the system will track the trajectory for 100 metres or more as the mirror scans a 90-degree arc providing high quality images of objects in flight. The system has several modes of operation which are software selected depending upon the individual conditions of the test. The Flight Follower will track small, medium and large calibre projectiles as well as other objects such as rockets, rocket assisted projectiles, sled track tests, sports equipment, automobiles, and practically anything that is traveling too fast to observe and study for critical measurements’ and analysis. Additionally, the Xcitex Software will provide the user with an assortment of post analysis measurements
and calculations to track and study the phenomena.

Key features include:

♦ Integrated high speed camera
♦ Better than 0.2° tracking accuracy over 90° scan
♦ Remote operation via dedicated MS Windows software
♦ Predicted or Measured Velocity modes with single or dual trigger inputs and built in trigger delay
♦ ‘Mirror Halt’ function stops the mirror in mid flight for impact analysis.
♦ Low cost integrated Turn Key System