Ballistic Data Acquisition System(BDAS) Type 680

Ballistic Data Acquisition System(BDAS) Type 680

The MS Instruments PLC Ballistic Data Acquisition System is an integrated unit, which is
used to gather data for complete ballistics analysis. Typically, it is used for Electronic Pressure Velocity and Action Time (EPVAT) measurements, however it can be configured in a number of different ways to act as a multi-purpose data-gathering unit. The data is then passed to a Range Processor where it is displayed using BDAS software.

The Range Processor runs WindowsTM operating systems and the BDAS software is a WindowsTM program. This allows simple data exchange and provides data in standard
ExcelTM/Access file formats. Having the standard user-interface that is typical in the WindowsTM operating system gives a rapid familiarity with the software and consequent reduction in training requirements.

Initial data entry is straightforward and quick and the software is self-arming, allowing largely hands-free operation during use.

All data is safely logged to disk after each round. This unit has been developed to combine the many useful, individual properties of MSI instrumentation. The resulting sophisticated and versatile product can be utilised in the measurement of velocity and rate of fire of a projectile; port and chamber pressure within the weapon and the action time. Other timing and data logging functions can also be provided.

Two digital Charge Amplifiers are fitted to ensure that all instrument settings are set electronically and recorded with the data for optimum data integrity.