Terra manufactures comprehensive lines of Cleanroom Pass-Throughs (also known as Pass-Through Air Locks, Chambers or Transfer Hatches) to simplify contamination-free transfer of materials in and out of a classified environment. Terra can custom configure pass-through chambers or air locks to meet special requirements for sizes, materials and features—call to discuss your requirements.
Wall and Floor-Mount Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers/Air Locks

Pass-Through Chambers
Pass-through chambers, doors and windows reduce traffic & contamination by providing a clean way to transfer equipment, files & samples

CleanSeam Stainless Steel
Our stainless steel Pass-Throughs feature continuous welds for reduced particle influx & have smooth, clean surfaces to simplify cleaning & disinfection

CleanSeam+ Stainless Steel
Stainless-steel CleanSeam+ Pass-Through has advanced design features that meet a wide range of critical requirements for cleanliness strength & durability.

BioSafe® Pass-Throughs
BioSafe Pass-Through Chambers feature double-wall, all-stainless steel construction with no seams or crevices, making them easy to clean and sterilize

BioSafe+® Pass-Throughs
These unique Pass Throughs feature all-continuous-seam welds with radius corners to produce ultra-clean, smooth internal surfaces that wipe down quickly and easily

Roll-Up Doors
Terra's Roll-Up Pass-Throughs save space & make it easy for gloved personnel to open doors while holding parts due to its no-clearance, push-button design

Ruggedized Pass-Throughs
Ruggedized Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers feature double-walled, reinforced doors and heavy-duty hardware to stand up to heavy cleanroom use

Fire-Rated Pass-Throughs
UL-approved fire-rated pass-through doors for specialized facilities with increased fire-protection requirements; safeguard workers and materials

Air Shower Pass-Throughs
Air Shower Pass-Throughs are an effective way to remove surface particles from large materials being transferred into the cleanroom

Modular Cleanroom Pass Throughs
These reliable and versatile Pass-Through chambers are designed to accompany Terra's Hardwall Cleanrooms

Refrigerated Pass Throughs
Temperature-sensitive materials to be transferred through to cleanrooms or labs are protected in this insulated refrigerated pass-through chamber

High-Volume Refrigerated Pass-Throughs
Large-capacity refrigerated Pass-Through in 24.-8 and 55-cu. ft designs provides contamination free storage and transport of temperature-sensitive materials.

Convenience Windows
Convenience Window Pass-through is designed for quick, convenient transfer of materials between rooms without strict controls in place

Transaction Windows
Pass-Through Transaction Windows allow secure passage of items between two rooms. Configurations include deep drawers or shallow trays

Special Requirements
Terra customizes pass-through chambers to meet unique requirements for sterilization, access, no-hands operation and many other special requirements
Pass-Through Chamber Accessories and Resources

Pass-Through Accessories
Terra accessories that enhance your pass-through chambers include sliding doors, removable shelves, CleanTop™ sloping tops, and ventilation systems