Environmental & Vacuum Chambers


Environmental and Vacuum Chambers

Test, Stability & Vacuum Chambers: 
Precise and Varied Environmental Control

Terra's complete line of environmental chambers includes test chambers, constant temperature and humidity chambers, laboratory incubators and vacuum chambers. Application-specific models meet the specialized demands of pharmaceutical drug efficacy testing, laboratory animal respiration studies, semiconductor hybrid package leak testing, and a host of other critical processes.

Store and monitor biological samples with confidence, controlling temperature, humidity, and CO2 to achieve the optimal environment

Environmental Test Chambers
Functionality & dependability define our environmental test chambers, designed for biological samples & microelectronics

Vacuum Chambers
Made of acrylic, stainless steel or aluminum, these vacuum chambers are cleanroom-compatible for degassing, and vacuum testing and processing

Animal Respiration Test Chamber
This filtered stainless steel chamber facilitates inhalation & respiration studies on rodents using precisely-controlled oxygen

Insect Growth Chambers
Temperature- & humidity-controlled chambers provide the ideal environment to stimulate a variety of entomological studies in medium & high volumes

BioZone Constant Temperature Chamber
Drug efficacy testing is best performed in a stainless steel, HEPA-filtered, laminar flow enclosure such as this

Related Products
These easy-to-clean cabinets are secure environments for storing and drying forensic evidence; the filtering controls particles, fumes and pathogens

Technical Resources
Material compatibility charts help you to decide on the right material for your needs. Use the QuickQuote configurator to plan your chamber!