Desiccators (Dry Boxes)

Terra's nitrogen-purged desiccator cabinets meet dry storage requirements as low as 1% relative humidity. Standardization simplifies component upgrade, retrofit and replacement. Terra's Smart controllers allow setpoint control and even multiplexed purging for the most critical humidity requirements.

Plastic Desiccators


Adjustable-Shelf Desiccators
Shelves slide on stainless steel wire racks. Select acrylic or dissipative PVC cabinets, one to ten chambers, manual or automated RH control

SmartDesiccator™ (Plastic) 
Plastic Benchtop units with one or two chambers, in acrylic or dissipative PVC. Smart RH controller installs in seconds, cuts nitrogen waste

ValuLine™ Desiccators
Includes chrome-plated racks for plastic or stainless steel shelves, and flowmeter for manual N2 control. Acrylic or dissipative PVC; one to five chambers

ValuLine™ ES Cabinets
Provides strength and durability for long-term storage requirements that demand or require infrequent parts access. Use with or without desiccant
Stainless Steel Desiccators

Benchtop Stainless Steel Desiccator
The Series 100 Stainless Steel Desiccator includes wire racks for adjustable shelves & inlet/outlet gas ports. Single-chamber units come in five sizes

Stainless Steel Desiccator with NitroPlex™ RH Control
Series 400 stainless steel Desiccator, available with two to eight chambers, accepts Terra's NitroPlex™ control system for critical RH requirements

Double Door Stainless Steel Desiccator
The Series 300 stainless steel Desiccator offers a spacious chamber with adjustable shelves and double doors. Ideal for large, bulky items

SmartDesiccator™ (Stainless Steel)
Electropolished stainless steel desiccator with one or two chambers. It automatically maintains user-specificed RH set-point; cuts nitrogen waste
Controllers & Accessories

Dual Purge™ System
Provides variable gas purge levels to maintain RH, ensuring economical low nitrogen flow when doors are closed & high flow when doors are opened

NitroWatch™ RH Controller
Relative humidity sensor allows economic set-point control—works in tandem with the Dual Purge™ system to automate low-RH storage

NitroPlex™ Controller
Available for plastic and stainless steel cabinets, this system provides chamber-by-chamber N2 purge and RH control for fast set-point recovery

Nitrogen Generator
These compact, lightweight and reliable dry nitrogen sources free you from canisters! Three sizes for flow requirements from 10 to 400 SCFH