Cleanroom & Lab Carts


Cleanroom, Laboratory and Medical Carts

These carts provide a controlled, secure environment for contamination-sensitive materials as they are transferred throughout your cleanroom or laboratory.

Specialized designs and materials provide secure transport of medical supplies, semiconductor components, and hazardous chemicals.


Cleanroom Carts
Specialized cart designs and materials provide secure, controlled transport of wafer boxes, reticles and parts, as well as acids and corrosives

Lab and Medical Carts
Find supply and transport carts, bench-side carts and biomedical carts for your lab and medical installations; versatile, durable and clean

Medical Computer Carts
Configurable and mobile medical computer carts are available in a wide variety of options to suit specific needs of busy medical and healthcare facilities

Chemical Safety Carts
Chemical-resistant carts facilitate safe moving of dangerous and flammable materials; ergonomic designs to contain spills, and separate bottles

Technical Resources
Material compatibility charts help you to decide on the right cart material for your needs. See resources for metals, plastics and synthetic materials